Margaret Lyons
September 29, 2010 AT 10:49 AM EDT

Mindy Kaling dropped by the Tonight Show Tuesday night to talk about horror movies and preview the new cluster of Office webisodes. While it’d be pretty tough to top “Subtle Sexuality” in my heart, the new, horror-filled “The Third Floor” just might do it. It’s “from the mind of Ryan Howard” after all, from whence brilliance comes. Watch the video below (“Third Floor” trailer at 0:53):

“The 3rd Floor” debuts in earnest Oct. 21, and I for one hope this includes lots and lots of Kelly/Erin tag-team awesomeness and some goofy Gabe antics, especially if he and Erin are going to be a couple for a while. Also, is Kevin specifically dressed as Paul Blart, or is that a happy coincidence?

Okay, PopWatchers, let’s hear it: What spooky Dunder-Mifflin moment are you expecting in “The 3rd Floor”?

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