Andy Patrick
September 29, 2010 AT 09:32 PM EDT

Image Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FoxI know. Fox killed and buried Lone Star so quickly that it’s almost hard to be happy that its demise has led to the third-season premiere of Lie to Me being bumped up from Nov. 10 to…um, Monday (when it assumes the DOA drama’s time slot). But try to be happy anyway, okay? Series lead Tim Roth and I have even come up with five excellent reasons why you should forgive his show for jumping into Lone Star‘s grave.

5. He feels funny about the situation too. “What happened to Lone Star…I’m sad for those guys,” he says. “A lot of passion goes into making a TV show, [so] it must be very heartbreaking to have that happen.”

4. He truly feels that season 3 of Lie to Me “will be our strongest,” he says, adding that his character, profiler Cal, may look back as he moves forward. “We’ll go into his past more, and there are women who are going to come up in his life. The relationship he has with his daughter opens up as well as his relationship with Foster.”

3. In the wake of Ben’s shooting, the Lightman Group is playing a whole new ballgame. “Lightman cuts ties with the FBI,” Roth reveals. Luckily, “Ben is not dead…or is he?”

2. “The crooked cop played by Monique [Gabriela Curnen] comes back,” Roth says. And when she does, the question becomes, will Cal use their relationship to help Internal Affairs bust her?

1. There are guest stars galore—including a Gilmore Girls alum. David “Rory’s Dad” Sutcliffe has just sealed a deal to appear in episode 7 as a Tony Robbins type, Annette “Clark Kent’s Mom” O’Toole pops up in episode 4 as a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s, and in episode 5, Battlestar Galactica‘s Tricia Helfer passes through as…actually, I don’t care what she passes through as. If she’s passing through, I’m there.

How about you? Will you forgive Fox for shooting down Lone Star and tune in, or can they just forget it? Don’t lie to me. (Reporting by Lynette Rice)

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