Josh Rottenberg
September 30, 2010 AT 09:44 PM EDT

Have you ever watched Big Brother and thought to yourself, “Those contestants have way too much privacy and far too much space to move around”? Well, do we have a show for you! According to Vulture, the CW is developing a new reality series called The Frame that will essentially take the human-Habitrail concept of Big Brother and squeeze it into one little room. The series will pit seven or eight teams of two players — couples, siblings, etc. — against one another. Each team will have to live in a single room as small as 10-feet-by-10-feet, with a camera recording everything they do, though they will presumably get bathroom and personal-hygiene breaks (at least we hope). The teams will compete in various challenges — although it’s safe to assume the biggest challenge will simply be maintaining their sanity — and viewers will vote on who should get booted off the show. For the especially voyeuristic, a continuous live stream will be available on the Internet in addition to the twice-weekly telecasts. If you want to get a sense of what The Frame will be like, click here to see a version that has aired in Spain (I’m guessing the American series will have a lot less flamenco guitar).

Sounds a little sadistic, right? But would you watch? For that matter, could you imagine being a contestant? If so, who would you be able to share a small room with 24/7 without wanting to kill?

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