Dave Karger
October 03, 2010 AT 04:09 PM EDT

Image Credit: Dana Edelson/NBCU Photo BankAfter his disastrous Auto-Tune-gone-wrong debacle the last time he performed on Saturday Night Live, all eyes were on Kanye West for his return appearance last night. I’m happy to report that things went a lot more smoothly this go-round. Both of West’s performances—”Power” and “Runaway”—went off without a hitch, and provided two of the more memorable moments of this week’s show. For both tracks, West appeared on a completely white set. At first, I thought to myself, What, is he too good for the usual Grand Central Terminal backdrop? But I have to say the whitewashed background provided some striking visuals, as did the couple dozen scantily clad women surrounding West, providing an “Addicted to Love”-meets-Caligula vibe. (It also wasn’t surprising that he replaced the already infamous line “F— SNL and the whole cast” with a new verse.) On “Runaway,” West again relied on Auto-Tune, but there was no malfunction this time—just a well-executed rendition of the cool, robotic track. Do you think Kanye redeemed himself after last time? We’ll have clips of the performances when SNL makes them available to help you decide for yourself.

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