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Jon Stewart compares Rick Sanchez to Michael Scott


hurty-sanchezImage Credit: Comedy CentralJon Stewart finally had his chance to unleash the power of The Daily Show on Rick Sanchez last night, and boy was it worth the wait. Stewart rejected Sanchez’s premise that he’d grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth – “the fortunate son of a single mother in the education field” – and then showed a hilariously scathing segment that compared Rick Sanchez, almost quote-for-quote, with Michael Scott, Steve Carell’s character on The Office. Hoooooly moly:

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Stewart said he thought the dustup was a chance for people to get in touch with “not our dirtier, but our better Sanchezes.” It’s the quintessential Daily Show bit: Brilliantly (and duh, selectively) edited, with a series of incredulous jokes that builds to a quick and brutal climax, and ends with a gently thoughtful comment…that then swerves into straight-up bathroom humor.

Are you tapping into your better Sanchez with this, PopWatchers?

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