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October 06, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT


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If you thought the older tribe on Survivor: Nicaragua was playing blind after getting rid of their only true leader, then wait until you see them actually playing blind — with their eyes covered while they had to retrieve items in a challenge. And one of them wasn’t too happy about being relegated to a secondary role in the challenge. I’ll give you one wild guess as to whom. My full recap will be up at midnight (UPDATE: Click over to read Dalton’s full Survivor recap now), but if you’ve already watched and would like to sound off, then read on after the jump for more. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.]

After bitching and moaning that nobody would ever give him a chance, and talking about what a great leader he is at life without offering any evidence whatsoever to back it up, Jimmy T was finally voted out. It was only fitting that the contestant, who won an online Sears casting competition to make it on the show, was ultimately undone while losing at a blindfolded reward/immunity challenge sponsored by — yep — Sears. (Circle of life, baby!)

In other news, Chase found a clue to the hidden immunity idol but Brenda informed him that it had already been found, NaOnka reminded us how much she hates Kelly B’s artificial leg, and Marty’s hair took on a life of its own. Before you click over to the get all the details in my Survivor recap, check out my pre-game interview with Jimmy T in the video player below. And right below that, check out the very first installment of EW’s new TV Insiders podcast, where we debate the ultimate Survivor question: Who’s more annoying — NaOnka or Jimmy T? Speaking of which, are you sad or psyched to see Jimmy T go? Hit the message boards and let us know!

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