Adam Markovitz
October 07, 2010 AT 02:05 PM EDT

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After years of seeing the sweet-and-cuddly side of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in movies like Tooth Fairy, The Game Plan, and Get Smart, we were actually starting to believe the ex-pro wrestler was really just a big softie at heart. Then we checked out the new red-band trailer for Faster (check it out below) and watched him put a fat bullet in some guy’s skull. Lesson learned: Johnson is nobody’s softie.

The movie (out Nov. 24) follows Johnson as an ex-con bent on avenging his brother’s murder. And judging by this clip, he isn’t letting anybody off with a slap on the wrist — there are at least three kill shots in the trailer alone.

What do you think, PopWatchers: Are you ready to watch The Rock get back in touch with his dark side? Or did you prefer him as a muscle-bound teddy bear? And will you check out Faster when it hits theaters in November?

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