Margaret Lyons
October 07, 2010 AT 09:32 PM EDT

Google TV’s set-top box from Logitech is now available for preorder, and if you want to fork over $299, it looks pretty nice! Nicer than just connecting your computer to your television? Well…not quite. But still! Nice!

Logitech’s Revue Google TV box comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, but you can also control it with your iPhone or Android smartphone. (Fun.) Ultimately, though, the hardware matters less than the software: Is Google TV compelling enough, versus, say, Apple TV ($99) or Boxee’s upcoming set-top box ($199), to make the added expense worth it? I’m not convinced yet. For $299, buy an Xbox and watch Netflix through that. I hear you can also play games on it.

Are you preordering your Revue, PopWatchers? Can you not wait to get Google TV fired up in your living room? Or are you finding other ways of getting web content onto a television screen?

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