Nicole Rivelli
Adam Markovitz
October 09, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

My Soul to Take

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Max Thieriot

We gave it a D-

Wes Craven’s first new movie in five years is a brainless, joyless, and yes, you might even say, soulless teen slasher — the kind of thing you’d expect from one of the lesser directors he inspired with Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. The plot of My Soul to Take is a mess, but here goes: Sixteen years ago, the spirit of a demonic murderer called The Ripper was released when his host body died. Local lore says the evil soul jumped into one of seven children born in his town that same day, like a homicidal Dalai Lama. Now, those kids are high schoolers who have to figure out which one of them is the new Ripper before he kills them all. The slew of obvious ”Why?” and ”How?” questions won’t even bug you once you get bogged down in the movie’s stock characters and unimaginative killings (pointlessly shot in 3D). Worst of all, the guy who created Freddy Krueger can’t even manage a scary bad guy: The Ripper, who materializes as a hairy brute, doesn’t conjure up nightmares as much as the image of a homeless Klingon. D-

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