Catherine Fuentes
October 11, 2010 AT 11:35 PM EDT

Image Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CWCast members from The Vampire Diaries joined executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec at New York Comic Con on Sunday and, naturally, a big chunk of their hour-long Q&A session focused on the show’s romantic webs that may just get a little more tangled by the end of season 2.

Right off the bat, Katerina Graham was asked whether her character, Bonnie, will find a love interest. “Everyone wants Bonnie to get some! There is a chance,” Graham told the cheering crowd. Plec immediately jumped into the conversation and offered this tease: “Bonnie is going to be getting interest from somebody that she already knows, and she will meet someone new who strikes her fancy.” This is big news! PopWatchers, who do you think is the character that we already know that develops — or acts on — an interest in Bonnie? Personally, I’d love to see a Damon/Bonnie romance go down on the show, and I’m curious to hear what you all think. (Remember, as Katherine told Stefan in the season premiere, hating someone sounds like the beginning of a love story, not the end of one.) Later in the panel discussion, Plec joked about Damon’s sex figure status and said, “I think by the time the series is over, Damon will have slept with every man, woman, and child.” I choose to believe that means that a Damon/Bonnie hookup is likely at some point in the series (hopefully sooner rather than later). 

Of course, we can’t discuss romance on TVD without bringing up Elena and Stefan… and Damon. There’s lots of fan buzz calling Elena and Stefan soul mates, which is a term I don’t like to throw around lightly, or ever, really. Plec emphatically agreed that Stefan and Elena are soul mates, but was quick to point out that “we don’t know if they’re going to end up together yet” and note the tricky truth about love, “you don’t always end up with your soul mate.” Very heavy, but also kind of sad, and totally the reason why I won’t use “soul mates” myself. So does this mean that Damon and Elena could wind up together? In any case, Plec reminded us that right now, things are looking good for Stefan and Elena, comparing their special bite-me moment last episode to a “monogamy commitment.” “Their relationship, at that moment, has never been stronger,” Plec said. How long will that strength last? Would you rather see Elena with Stefan or with Damon?

More fun teaser tidbits from the panel:

• In the next couple of episodes, Bonnie and Elena will recapture their friendship. Witch Bonnie will be using her power for good, and will be a really good friend to Elena. “The intensity is measured by how much Elena is in trouble. She’s capable of anything to protect the people she loves,” Graham said.

• We may not have seen the end of Lexi, or of John Gilbert, for that matter.

• Katherine will likely not be in every episode moving forward — an attempt to keep up her mystique — but her back story will be explored throughout the season, and we will begin to find out where she’s been all these years. Williamson called her the “ultimate survivor,” and said that Elena will be learning some life lessons about survival from Katherine.

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