Mandi Bierly
October 12, 2010 AT 06:20 PM EDT

The Medallion: Chan Kam Tsuen

As if you weren’t already saying “Ahhh” at the end of last night’s episode of Castle, when newly-in-love Alexis asked her dad out on a date and told him he’d always be her go-to guy, the show paid tribute to Stephen J. Cannell, who’d guested on the series as one of Castle’s poker buddies, by showing his classic sign-off before the end credits. Watch it below.

The episode was directed by Castle exec producer Rob Bowman, who got a break working with Cannell on The A-Team 25 years ago. In addition to being a prolific writer and producer of TV (The A-TeamBaretta, The Rockford Files, 21 Jump Street, Wiseguy), Cannell was also a crime novelist like Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion). The latest book in his series following LAPD homicide detective Shane Scully, The Prostitute’s Ball, hits shelves today.

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