Carol Rosegg
Tanner Stransky
October 12, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

A Life in the Theatre

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T.R. Knight, Patrick Stewart
Neil Pepe
David Mamet

We gave it a B+

David Mamet’s 1977 gem of a play, A Life in the Theatre, turns on nimble repartee and precise casting. The show moves along at a rabbit’s pace through scene after scene, all of which are laced with sharp, quick dialogue that ranges in subject matter from the virtues of cold cream to audition woes. It’s a good thing, then, that in this well-executed revival, Patrick Stewart and T.R. Knight — playing the lead pair of theater actors at opposite ends of their careers — have the chemistry of offbeat pals who like to jabber. Stewart and Knight, both at the top of their game here, embrace the strange spirit of the show and imbue Mamet’s 26 madcap vignettes with a feeling of buoyant, urgent comedy that elicits lots of laughs — and only the occasional grimace. B+

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