Kate Ward
October 19, 2010 AT 10:38 PM EDT

Image Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage.comAppropriate that scene-stealer Gabourey Sidibe has nabbed a role in a heist film: The actress’ rep confirms with EW that Sidibe has signed on to star alongside the likes of Ben Stiller, Alan Alda, and Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist, an action-comedy surrounding high-rise employees who scheme to steal their money back from a Bernie Madoff-type Wall Streeter under house arrest. (Sidibe will play one of the employees.)

I’ve long been rooting for Sidibe to carve out a comedy career for herself — particularly after seeing her shine on the late night talk show and red carpet circuits (see: here) — and starring alongside such comic giants as Stiller and Murphy certainly seems a good start, even if her role seems to be a supporting one. And it’s nice to see the Oscar-nominated actress carving out a steady career for herself — she also stars in Showtime’s The Big C — especially after many in the blogosphere (yes, I’m looking at some of you, dear readers) pegged the star as one of Hollywood’s one-hit performance wonders.

Now, because true optimism is impossible with Friday so far away, I have to share one gripe: Where is this girl’s non-dramatic star vehicle? Trust me, I’ll take what I can get when it comes to the affable Sidibe, but she certainly could do better than more traditional comedic actresses, right? RIGHT?!

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