Jennifer Armstrong
October 20, 2010 AT 01:54 PM EDT

Image Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime TelevisionJimmy Kimmel last night presented guest Heidi Klum with incontrovertible evidence that she’s gotten, well, quite a bit blunter with contestants this season on Project Runway. In a video montage, Klum (while rotating through a stunning variety of highlights and bang styles) tells Runway hopefuls their work is “butt-ugly,” “like two bad dresses glued together,” like a “dirty old rug,” and “inspired by your grandmother … and it shows”:

Klum seemed a bit taken aback by this presentation of her brusqueness, but what do you think, PopWatchers? Has she gotten a little more Simon Cowell this season? And is that approach helping to make this season better than the last few?

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