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Obama booked for 'Daily Show'


daily-show-obamaImage Credit: Jason DeCrow/AP ImagesPresident Obama will appear on The Daily Show Oct. 27, a nice coup for Jon Stewart and company that surely makes the expense of shooting in D.C. that week worth it. The scheduled chat lends a major boost to Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” – set for three days later on the National Mall – even as it seems to push its stated centrist agenda a bit to the left. Of course, the visit is also part of a larger media push for the beleaguered president as we head toward contentious Nov. 2 midterm elections: Obama – who last appeared on The Daily Show while still a candidate in 2008 – recently taped an appearance on The Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters to highlight the importance of science, and last week held an on-air town-hall meeting for MTV, BET, and CMT.

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