Clark Collis
October 20, 2010 AT 08:35 PM EDT

The sequel to this summer’s big-screen bloodfest Piranha 3D will be directed by John Gulager and written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. The trio previously collaborated on 2005’s Feast, the third feature to be birthed by the Project Greenlight TV show. Melton and Dunstan have also written the last four Saw movies, including next week’s Saw 3D.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the mayhem-filled Piranha 3D — which was directed by Alexander Aja and penned by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger — I’m going to give this news two soon-to-be-gnawed-to-the-bone-by-hungry-fish thumbs up. Feast was easily the best of the Project Greenlight efforts. I recently re-watched this tale of monsters menacing the denizens of a desert bar while researching our Rockers in Scary Movies gallery and it really is a terrific reminder that just because a film is really dumb doesn’t mean it has to be really stupid. If the trio keep that in mind as they start prepping whatever the blue blazes the Piranha 3D sequel is going to be called, then they won’t go far wrong.

You can catch the trailers for both Piranha 3D and Feast after the jump.

What did you think of Piranha 3D? Do you think Messrs. Gulager, Melton, and Dunstan, are the right folks to oversee the sequel?

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