Sandra Gonzalez
October 26, 2010 AT 07:45 PM EDT

Image Credit: Tatiana Beller/PR PhotosYou likely remember former Dexter executive producer Clyde Phillips as the man we all blamed (or thanked — depending on your opinion) for Rita’s death at the end of last season. But if time has healed your wounds, and you have found forgiveness within yourself, here’s some happy news: Phillips has a new show in the works, his management agency and HBO confirm to EW.

HBO has won the bidding war for project, which is based off of an Israeli series called The Naked Truth, according to Deadline. Set on the East Coast, the show will be a character-driven drama that follows officers in a major metropolitan city. But even more interesting than the synopsis is the fact that the foreign mother series had only two major locations: an interrogation room and the viewing room. Phillips told the pub that he hopes to somewhat honor the original by limiting the number filming locations, and went on to compare the project to ER, which took place primarily within the hospital. (Personally, I hope he was talking about the first half of ER and not the later seasons.)

Nonetheless, I love the sound of this new project from Phillips, folks. It sounds like a Third Watch/ER crossover, except hopefully with the signature dark tone of Dexter thrown in to it. (P.S. – I actually really did love that two-episode TW/ER crossover.)

What do you think? Does the show sound promising to you, PopWatchers? And who would you like to see in this new series? Two words: Keith Carradine.

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