Catherine Fuentes
October 26, 2010 AT 08:05 PM EDT

Image Credit: Tim Sloan/AFP Photo/Getty ImagesTo gear up for Sunday’s premiere of The Walking Dead, AMC has commissioned hundreds of zombies to roam the streets of 26 major world cities just in time for the morning commute. Starting at daybreak in Taipei and Hong Kong, the zombies will visit famous landmarks before a group of the undead  descend upon The Walking Dead premiere in Los Angeles tonight. (This bloody brain-seeker pictured was sauntering nearby the Gallery Place Metro entrance in Washington, D.C.) Looks like Halloween’s come a few days early!

Having been witness to the the last time AMC launched a city-wide promotional event, when the network sent people in period costumes to Grand Central Station in NYC to hand out Sterling Cooper business cards just before the second season premiered, I really wish I had gotten a chance to see zombies this morning. (It sure beats contending with smelly Elmo, the only costumed character I see during my morning commute.) The Walking Dead’s legendary makeup artist Greg Nicotero directed the styling and presumably taught local makeup artists how to recreate his zombie look throughout the world. (I can only imagine that these zombies will look a bit better than the other major — and very fun — zombies-roam-city-streets event, Zombiecon.) You can monitor the zombie world takeover on The Walking Dead‘s Facebook page, by following the #ZombieCommuterDay hash tag on Twitter — where you can upload photos of your very own zombie sightings — or by looking through AMC’s album of international zombie commutes (the Buenos Aires one is my favorite).

Did you see any zombies on your commute this morning, PopWatchers?

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