Mandi Bierly
October 27, 2010 AT 05:00 PM EDT

While the talk of last night’s Glee Rocky Horror episode continues, some of us are already looking ahead: The promo for the next new episode shows the return of Puck (and his Mohawk), who uses Artie to rehabilitate his image; the Bieste in a Cheerios uniform, annoying Sue; and the girls in glee singing Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” It’s about time! Watch the preview below. Along with some real-life glee club renditions of “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Somehow Harvard kids doing “Livin’ on a Prayer” feels a bit off, but their singing is definitely not.

Does the light show make up for those vests? No, but they capture the feeling of the song best.

At 2:28, the girls do the guitar solo. Nice.

The choreography in this “It’s My Life/”Livin’ on a Prayer” medley is mesmerizing. Ditto the costuming.

I’m fascinated by the guy who just taps his foot in the front row.

Cheerleaders or glee club?

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