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What movie best represents each state?


New York: Taxi Driver. California: Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Ohio: Gummo. Oh boy, do I like this game. Redditor Subtonix put together a map of what films best represent each state, and it’s a fun – if challenging – endeavor. Let’s take a look:


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A few of these are definitely un-eff-withable. Hoosiers for Indiana is a solid yes; The Ice Storm for Connecticut is an inspired – and perfect – choice. (Mystic Pizza would also have been acceptable.) Others, though, are a little more open for debate. Washington conjures The Ring for me, and I might go Hairspray over Pink Flamingos for Maryland, although that’s kind of splitting hairs. Delaware gets Wayne’s World, thanks to this:

Heh. I might have gone with Fight Club, but it’s not really Delawarian in any way.

Lilo & Stitch seems like a better Hawaii movie than Tora! Tora! Tora!, and Kentucky screams Coal Miner’s Daughter. Finally, Jesus Camp is a terrific film, but Missouri is Waiting for Guffman territory.

Okay, PopWatchers, is your home state well represented? What films would you switch in?