Tim Stack
October 29, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Taran Killam
Age 28
Comedy background Killam, who has a baby daughter with How I Met Your Mother‘s Cobie Smulders, is a member of L.A.’s famous Groundlings troupe and has guest-starred on Scrubs.
Biggest SNL moment so far The aggressively dancing French hipster opposite Emma Stone in ”Les Jeunes de Paris.”
On adjusting to the SNL schedule ”I feel like the adrenaline is still very present, and I’m walking around in a dreamlike state most of the time. So to be up at three in the morning hanging out and talking to Seth Meyers is pretty awesome.”

Jay Pharoah
Age 23
Comedy background The Virginia native spent four years touring as a stand-up comic here and in the U.K.
Biggest SNL moments so far Spot-on impersonations of Will Smith and Denzel Washington.
On the highlight of his first show ”I remember hearing that Justin Timberlake ran out of his dressing room when I did Will Smith on ‘Update,’ like, ‘He’s great!’ I was like, ‘Oh, snap, that’s coming from JT!’ Thank you, Mr. Timberlake! That made my night.”

Paul Brittain
Age 33
Comedy background Brittain created his own one-man show, Sex Ed. With ”Sex” Ed Vincent.
Biggest SNL moments so far Playing a puzzled Johnny Depp during The Miley Cyrus Show and, more recently, re-creating Sex Ed. for TV.
On SNL small talk ”If someone finds out you just moved here, then naturally [the fact that I’ve joined the SNL cast is] what it’s going to get to. I was buying a new mattress, and the woman selling it to me was very excited by that particular piece of information.”

Vanessa Bayer
Age 28
Comedy background Bayer was a member of Chicago’s iO theater and understudied at Second City.
Biggest SNL moment so far Like, the totally high-profile and ”pretty cool” Miley Cyrus Show sketch, starring Bayer as the freakishly peppy teen pop star.
On getting recognized (or not) ”Someone came up to me and I actually got nervous because I thought they were going to recognize me. I was with my mom, and then they were like, ‘Do you know where…?’ They were asking me for directions.”

Standout Skits
Their time on SNL is just beginning, but this year’s newbies have already scored some memorable screen time, including Bayer and Brittain’s Miley Cyrus Show on Oct. 2, Pharoah’s turn as Will Smith on Sept. 25, and Killam’s sketch opposite host Emma Stone on Oct. 23.

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