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Conan O'Brien online 'Show Zero' review: Gee, that was fast...

On Monday night, Conan O’Brien went online with a “Show Zero” – a supposed preview of what his new TBS talk show will be like when it premieres on Nov. 8. O’Brien said that

things on the Internet have to “move fast,” so he was using, YouTube, and Facebook to present “the fastest talk show ever.”

Deploying only Andy Richter and one member of his house band (Jerry Vivino), performing from a conference room, O’Brien told a single monologue joke. The show lasted four minutes, 51 seconds. Jim Parsons appeared as O’Brien’s sole guest, and said nary a word. The band Steel Train played a single chord. Richter plugged Diet Coke.

It was a delightful put-on. Looking forward to Nov. 8.

Did you watch?

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Originally posted November 1 2010 — 11:10 PM EDT

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