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The controversial Glee photo shoot for the November cover of GQ has done wonders for at least one of the parties involved —, which received 33 million page views during the photos’ first week on the site, Mediaweek reports. According to the trade, will soon post behind-the-scenes video of the shoot to keep the hits coming. “It’s going to be the gift that keeps on giving,” said VP and publisher Peter King Hunsinger.

Now we’ve stated that we found the photos a bit offensive not because they’re too racyGQ is a magazine for grown men and the actors are adults — but because they go against the spirit of the show. You also, obviously, can’t exactly fault someone for taking advantage of a proven traffic booster in today’s media climate. (Though we would like to know if that footage was edited differently post-controversy. One of the actresses joking about how skimpily she’s dressed may not play as well now as originally expected.) But the online success of the photos does raise an interesting question: Is it as easy for parents to control what their young Gleeks are exposed to online as it is for them to stop the purchase of the magazine? Did any parents out there actually block after news of the photos spread?

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