No one's cell phone looks like that, 'Dexter'! |

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No one's cell phone looks like that, 'Dexter'!


Dexter-phone-textThis season of Dexter has been amazing so far, and last night’s episode was definitely a high-water mark in the show’s “omg omg omg omg” moments. (The guy! Was running! Aaaaah!) But I have one pet peeve about this show, and it is this: Why do Dexter’s text messages look like Jeopardy clues?

Dexter is using what I think is a Nokia N8M – fancy schmancy! So why do his text messages look like that? Do any phones center-justify texts? Does any phone actually look like this? Aaaargh! No! No one’s texts look like that. Anywhere. In the world. Ever. That’s Doogie Howser’s diary, not a text message.

PopWatchers, I know you have eagle eyes for these kinds of nit-picky mistakes. What shows have you spotted recently that don’t seem to know what text messages look like?

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