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Sean Young on 'Skating With the Stars': 'I'm surprised I am the most famous person'

sean-youngImage Credit: Rick Stephens/PR PhotosSean Young was busy playing a scheming heart-breaker named Meggie on The Young and the Restless when she got the call to join ABC’s inaugural Skating With the Stars. It wasn’t the first time the net’s reality suits had attempted to recruit the No Way Out star: Young was approached in 2007 to participate on Dancing With the Stars, but she didn’t make the cut. “They picked the lady with the one leg over me,” Young tells EW, in reference to the ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney, Heather Mills. “I couldn’t quite understand. I was like, ‘What?’ You can understand my confusion. But that’s show business for you.”

So when Young got the call to do SWTS, she was understandably reticent. “I said, ‘You have to give me Skating With the Stars, but you couldn’t give me Dancing with the Stars?’” Young says, laughing. It took an hour-long training session with Randy Gardner (who was offered up by ABC) before Young would commit to the six-episode run of SWTS that begins Nov. 22. She joins musician Vince Neil, reality star Bethenny Frankel, All My Children’s Rebecca Budig, Olympic skier Jonny Moseley, and actor/rapper Brandon Mychal Smith.

“This has been a very challenging and really rewarding experience so far, and that’s the God’s honest truth,” says Young, who began rehearsals with her partner (whose identity she’s not allowed to divulge) two weeks ago.

“I haven’t fallen. I’m pretty coordinated, I’ve got the knee pads and all that kind of stuff. I meditate. I don’t call it prayer, I call it living in the attitude that I’ve already accomplished what I’m here to accomplish. So I use that type of meditation to prepare myself for practices.”

Not that she’s imagined herself performing a double Salchow during her first week on the show. (Each participant is expected to complete a 90-second routine.) “I’m open to the possibility that miracles can occur, but I’m not placing any stress on myself. The whole competition element is not where my consciousness is. I look at competition as sort of a TV gimmick. I’m approaching this in terms of learning something.”

One thing she’s learned: She’s certainly the biggest household name among the first group of SWTS victims contestants. “I’m surprised I am the most famous person, but I guess it’s relative,” Young says. “Reality TV is a different animal than show business. I told them I need poodle care on this. I want to be treated like I’m a cute little poodle that needs special food, a special leash, everything to make me happy. And they have.”

Meanwhile, Young’s six-month run on Restless finishes up this week.

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