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Atlantic by Simon Winchester



Genre: Nonfiction, History; Author: Simon Winchester; Publisher: HarperEntertainment

Writing the history of the Atlantic Ocean — from tectonic labor pains to its lead role in modern European and American history — might be one of the more difficult tasks Simon Winchester has set for himself. (Even his book titled The Meaning of Everything was really only about the Oxford English Dictionary.) Luckily, the author comes armed with a knowledge almost as vast and deep as his subject, as well as a clever yet functional organizational scheme that divides his oceanic biography Atlantic into the seven ages of a man?s life as proposed by Shakespeare. A formidable writer and storyteller, Winchester still gets distracted by the occasional unworthy anecdote or superfluous specificity, but for all the densely packed information in this work, the one thing it never becomes, quite appropriately, is dry. B+

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Originally posted November 3 2010 — 12:00 AM EDT

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