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'The Real World' breeds new Congressman


Sean-DuffyImage Credit: Everett Collection; Wausau Daily Herald/Corey Schjoth/AP ImagesLooking back, we should’ve seen it coming. The Real World does, after all, teach its inhabitants/test subjects/”stars” how to spar with folks who are their ideological opposites. It teaches them how to bridge the gaps among diverse peoples. It teaches them to make out with people they shouldn’t in a very public way and then act shocked when the public is interested in their personal business. This should be the perfect breeding ground for politicians!

And, yes, it has happened: The Real World: Boston’s Sean Duffy won a House seat yesterday in his home state of Wisconsin. The token conservative in the house (not to be confused with the House) back in 1997, Duffy was one of the many Republicans who picked up seats in the midterms. It only figures, since he spent his Real World season clashing with liberal roommates and learning about race relations from the two black cast members. (Fun fact: Duffy’s wife, Real World: San Francisco alum Rachel Campos, was in the running for The View seat that ultimately went to Elisabeth Hasselbeck.) In fact, why haven’t we seen more Real World-ers taking office? Could Trishelle be far behind?