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'Expedition Impossible' sounds like an amazing race


Mark-BurnettImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosABC announced a new reality contest show today: Expedition Impossible, produced by Mark Burnett. The show will follow “ordinary” people, in teams of three, as they “solve problems while racing across deserts, over mountains and through rivers.” How totally unlike The Amazing Race!

Burnett described the show as “an epic Indiana Jones-style experience,” which I hope means there’s an emphasis on puzzle-solving and cryptology. Jehovah starts with an I in Latin! Or something along those lines. The Amazing Race has occasional puzzle-solving, but I’d love to watch a show that had more of an emphasis on reasoning skills, because I’m a huge nerd, and I like to feel represented on television.

Beyond that, making the teams threesomes means heightened drama: How can you side with her on this? Or, It’s two against one. We’re doing it this way. Aaah, I can hear the bickering already!

If a globe-trotting drama-filled adventure sounds up your alley, the show is casting right now. Go nuts, PopWatchers. Would you watch Expedition Impossible?