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'Auction Hunters': Finally, a show about storage units


Auction-HuntersImage Credit: SPIKEWe knew it was coming! The Hidden Gem hunter in me is digging the trailer for SPIKE’s Auction Hunters (premiering Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 10 p.m. ET). It’s just two dudes – Allen and Ton (guess which one is Ton) – rummaging through people’s storage units, mining for gems. “There could be buried treasure in any one of these,” promises Ton. My favorite is the green, glowing, radioactive … jar? But I’m a lady. For the more SPIKE-y demographic, there are a lot of guns! And money! Remember when Paris Hilton’s storage unit got auctioned off and they found Valtrex? This is like that, but without the herpes. OR SO WE THINK. (Trailer will auto-play after the break….)

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What’s in YOUR storage unit?

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