Jeff Labrecque
November 05, 2010 AT 02:38 PM EDT

Image Credit: Jordan Strauss/WireImage.comIt’s unfortunate for director David O. Russell that when many people hear his name, the first things they think of are his butting heads with George Clooney on Three Kings and his surreal NSFW rant during the making of I Heart Huckabees. Russell’s resume is dotted with eclectic, interesting films like Flirting With Disaster, but his reputation for being difficult nearly derailed his career. Apparently, though, not everyone who works with Russell regrets it. Three Kings‘ star Mark Wahlberg rescued the director from near-oblivion to direct this December’s The Fighter, and Wahlberg’s Three Kings costar, Ice Cube, is currently in talks with Russell about launching an R-rated Dirty Harry-type action franchise, according to Deadline. Considering the verbal arrows that have been exchanged between Russell and Clooney over the years, I don’t think we can expect the third king from that 1999 Desert Storm drama to get back in the Russell business, but it’s nice to know there’s more to Russell than the man who berated Lily Tomlin.

Do you consider yourself of fan of Russell’s movies? Does his name on a film have any impact on your decision to see a film or not? Are you excited to see what he and Wahlberg have done with The Fighter?

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