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Weekend Box Office Poll: Will you see 'Unstoppable,' 'Morning Glory,' or 'Skyline'? Or maybe just 'Megamind' again?

If Harrison Ford starred in a movie about aliens attacking a runaway train, you’d probably want to see that, right? Well, that will never happen. But if you don’t sleep for the next 48 hours and then go see Morning Glory, Unstoppable, and Skyline on Sunday, maybe your sleep-deprived brain will mix them together into one beautiful hallucination! EW’s John Young is betting that you won’t see any of them – or, at least, it’s more likely that last week’s box office topper  Megamind will win the weekend. (Morning Glory already had a soft opening on Wednesday.) He predicts a No. 2 slot for Unstoppable and a No. 3 finish for Cloverfield Goes to District 9 Skyline, with returning Due Date beating back Morning Glory for No. 4.

Personally, I’ll be first in line for Unstoppable tonight. (I just love trains. ) PopWatchers, what are you planning on seeing this weekend? Tell us in the poll, and if you feel like it, tell us why in the comments!

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Originally posted November 12 2010 — 11:50 AM EST

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