Jeff Jensen
November 17, 2010 AT 04:35 PM EST

Warner Bros. has just released the new trailer for its 2011 super-hero epic Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds — the same exact week as People is declaring Mr. Scarlett Johansson its new Sexiest Man Alive. Coincidence? I say not, especially since the trailer seems to be a showcase for its leading man’s said sexiness; it deserves the subtitle: Why Women Love Ryan Reynolds! Look at him exude charisma as he makes suggestive quips! (“Now let’s take these pants off and fly some planes.”) Look at him moonily ponder mankind’s gloomy condition and radiate vulnerability as he comes to grips with awesome responsibility! (“The one thing that a Green Lantern is supposed to be is fearless. That isn’t me.”) And look at him… well, just look at him, rolling out of bed half-naked or flashing into his ab-flattering skin-tight body suit, which actually isn’t a real “suit” but a computer generated effect. I should totally resent Ryan Reynolds — but I don’t. Never has a man who makes me feel less of a man ever been so gosh darn likable. Check him out:

Of course, no one will be ogling the spectacle of Reynolds in his digital body paint more than hardcore comic book fans. In fact, I’m sure director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) and the marketing wizards at Warner Bros. knew exactly what they were doing when they chose to end the trailer with Reynolds’ Hal Jordan flashing into his emerald threads. His friend’s reaction: “Wow!” Jordan’s reply: ” “I know! Right!? Hahaaha! Whoo!” The trailer is practically begging for our affirmation — or baiting our derision. Either way: The webstorm of buzz begins. What’s striking to me about the trailer isn’t so much the costume design but Reynolds’ outré exhibition of zero self-consciousness and physically expressive enthusiasm. His body language seems to be declaring something — something like: I feel good about this! Seriously! This is all to say that I am liking the costume — mostly because Reynolds is so winning in his insistence that I do so.

Other highlights: I so dig the sight of Hal using his power ring to conjure a giant fist to knock out the goons; and I got a Christopher Reeve-in-Superman vibe watching Hal soar through the sky — and beyond. You will be believe a man can fly … into space. But what do you think, Popwatchers? Will you be paying greenbacks to see Ryan Reynolds in back-to-front green? And what do you make of the trailer’s peeks at Abin Sur, the Green Lantern who recruits Hal Jordan to the intergalactic police force of power ring-sporting sentinels; the planet Oa, home to the Guardians of the Universe (Kilowog! Sinestro!); and Peter Sarsgaard as the big brained, freakishly foreheaded villain The Leader — er, I mean, Dr. Hector Hammond? The message boards are yours. [A correction was made at 9:20 PST: I originaly wrote Guardians of the Galaxy. Comic book fans know the difference between that Marvel Comics group and DC’s Guardians of the Universe–and perhaps can understand my confusion.]

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