Sandra Gonzalez
November 17, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EST

Image Credit: Williams + Hirakawa/USAYou haven’t even seen Psych‘s highly anticipated Twin Peaks homage episode yet (Dec. 1, hurry the hell up!), but the show is already looking to season 6. Oh, the perks of early renewal.

Series star James Roday (who penned the upcoming Peaks tribute and last season’s Hitchcock-inspired hour) told EW exclusively that the show has plans for a vampire-themed episode, a musical, and a nod to the greatest baseball movies of the past.

“We’re going to try to come up with something that feels relatively fresh because there’s already spoofs on spoofs on spoofs at this point,” he said of their fangy aspirations. “But if we got to the end of the run on the show and had never done anything with vampires, I certainly would regret it.”

The vampire spoof would likely air “relatively early in the season,” with the others to follow.

What say you, Psych-Os? Like what you’re hearing? And who wants to take the bet that Gus will be the recipient of the inevitable “There’s no crying in baseball” line?

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