Mandi Bierly
November 19, 2010 AT 08:34 PM EST

George W. Bush continues his media tour supporting his memoir Decision Points. Last night, he stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. If you missed it, watch the interview below. It’d been 10 years since Bush sat down with Leno, who began by thanking him for all the material. Did the late-night jabs ever hurt his feelings, Leno asked? “I hate to tell you… I don’t want to hurt your feelings but… I was asleep,” Bush said. Leno used the time wisely: Having Bush, who’s refused to critique President Obama, at least comment on who is the better dancer. Bush gave it to Obama, but I think he was just being polite: Those moves he busted at a malaria awareness event — “I created awareness for malaria,” he joked of the news footage — were brilliant. Leno busted out another video of Bush trying to open a closed door in China. “That’s the definition of a man without an exit strategy,” Bush cracked. We also saw a photo of Bush and the Secret Service trying to keep Barney Bush, his Scottish Terrier, from killing the turkey he was about to pardon on Thanksgiving.

While Bush made other jokes about his father, his mother, the stupid things he did before quitting drinking in 1986 (like asking an older woman at a dinner party what sex was like at 50), and his desire to become a grandfather, the conversation did have its serious moments. Bush talked about 9/11, and the disappointments of his presidency (not finding Osama bin Laden, weapons of mass destruction). He also mentioned a few things he would’ve done differently, if given the option: He wouldn’t stand in front of a Mission Accomplished sign on an aircraft carrier, nor would he fly over the damage of Hurricane Katrina in an airplane and have a photograph released giving the impression he didn’t care about the citizens below. He also would’ve been “less blunt,” and maybe not have used the phrase “dead or alive” in reference to capturing bin Laden.

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