Mandi Bierly
November 19, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EST

Tim McGraw premiered his new video, “Felt Good On My Lips,” on today. First thing you need to know: He’s talking about a woman’s name, a song, a drink, and a cherry lipgloss-coated kiss. Secondly, it’s a concert video. Normally I find those a bit boring. This one, however, kept my attention. Because McGraw performs in large venues, in order to keep us experiencing the massive crowd, the camera has to repeatedly shoot McGraw from behind.

Accuse me of objectifying him. You’re right. But if he didn’t want to be admired in those skin-tight jeans, he would’ve a) worn darker denim and b) asked for the footage at the following timecodes to be trimmed: :8, :17, :34, :53, 1:04, 1:34, 2:25, 3:19, 3:35, 3:40, and 3:49.

To the director’s credit, McGraw was actually shot from the waist up a lot, too.

Watch the video below (the song is good, did we mention that?):

So when do you think a concert music video is acceptable?

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