Simon Vozick-Levinson
November 22, 2010 AT 08:11 PM EST

On his latest album, The Age of Adz, indie-folk darling Sufjan Stevens embellishes his tunes with all manner of extravagant electronic frippery. Now he has a video to match.

The new clip for standout Adz track “Too Much” is a manic neon blur. A blank-looking Sufjan and assorted dancers writhe about wildly while wearing bright-hued fabrics. Costumes include a sleeveless t-shirt/indoor sunglasses combo and a freaky demon-head mask like the one in that absurd MC Hammer video.

Overall it’s an unusual look for Stevens. Then again, The Age of Adz is an unusual album for him, and after a few listens I learned to love it. Check out the “Too Much” video after the jump (via Pitchfork) and let us know what you think: Too much, not enough, or just right?

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