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'Super Mario Brothers' in the style of 'Grand Theft Auto'

What if old-school Super Mario Brothers was remade in the uber-graphic, beyond-R-rated style of the Grand Theft Auto series? That’s the delicious foundation for a new video directed by Country Club Pictures. Mario and Luigi are gangster brothers. Peach is a mob girlfriend who gets kidnapped by rival crime lord Bowser. The trailer-style clip is filled with throwaway references to Mario lore (The Hammer Brothers! Bullet Bill!) and some seriously gut-busting lines (“Sorry, boys, the Princess is in another castle!”) As usual, Toad totally steals the show. He’s the best!

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PopWatchers, would you play The Brothers Mario? Any other totally gonzo gaming mash-ups you’d like to see? And be alert, Super Mario fans: Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition went on sale Dec. 12, so be sure to pick up your copy. And for more December releases, see our snazzy event calendar here.