Mandi Bierly
December 28, 2010 AT 07:32 PM EST

Image Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR PhotosIf anyone thinks Glee‘s success has gone to Jane Lynch’s head, let this appearance ease your mind: Tomorrow, she’s set to help Charmin crown its “King or Queen of the Throne” at its public Charmin Restrooms in New York City. Lynch will officiate the two-part competition, after which, one of the five finalists will walk away with $50,000 and the honor of “presiding” over the Charmin Restrooms for the final days of 2010 and “sharing their Charmin enthusiasm by greeting and welcoming visitors and their families.” Round 1 is Toilet Tissue Trivia, while Round 2 involves physical challenges (a Charmin stacking competition, a Charmin tossing competition, and a Charmin mummy competition).

Man, I wish Christopher Guest was around to film this. You just know Lynch is going to end up taking advantage of the “Oversized toilet photo-op,” one of the Restrooms’ 2010 amenities. (Those also include: a Smartphone-shaped “Sit or Squat” application display and a dance stage for kids to learn the Charmin potty dance. Please let her get on stage.) This could be my favorite Media Alert of 2010. And I haven’t even mentioned the fun facts the press release includes, like the fact that since the Charmin Restrooms opened in 2006, three couples of have gotten engaged there, and one couple got married there. If you suddenly need a tour, click here.

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