Sandra Gonzalez
January 04, 2011 AT 11:49 PM EST

Image Credit: NBCIf there was a Nobel Prize in Awesome, it would go to TV.

In its most recent achievement in the field of awesomeness, TV recently helped save a Portland teen’s life. Well, I guess some credit also goes to Bear Grylls, whose show Man vs. Wild armed the teenager with the skills he needed to survive 10 hours on a mountain in frigid temperatures.

The boy, a fan of survival shows including the aforementioned, got separated from his mom while descending Mt. Bachelor, and upon realizing his predicament, built himself a snow bank to stay warm and using the North Star as a guide. Pretty smart stuff — although, I’m sure it could be argued that had he been an avid fan of the Weather Channel, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Nonetheless, major points for on-your-feet thinking, teen.

This story of boy vs. wild also got me thinking: What other valuable skills or tricks have we learned from television? I feel like I learn something new every day because of TV (half of them are probably wrong, I’m sure). But I only remember putting anything to important use once.

A few years ago, a man sitting next to me at Whataburger started having a massive seizure, and after watching the doctors on ER treat seizing patients for nine seasons, I knew that the man had to be rolled on his side so he wouldn’t choke on the nastiness coming out of his mouth. To be fair, I also vaguely remembered a health teacher confirming the show’s claim or else I wouldn’t have spread the knowledge to the bystanders helping him. Still, it was a good day to be a TV watcher.

So while my dedication to building a library of TV-acquired knowledge will do nothing to help rescue me from Mt. Bachelorette, it did come in handy once. What about you, PopWatchers? Share your stories.

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