Margaret Lyons
January 05, 2011 AT 06:27 PM EST

Murray Close

Jim Carrey is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and holy moly, that dude has not aged at all. At all! Behold these promos, in which Carrey does not at all look 13 years older than Jason Sudeikis:

This is Carrey’s second time hosting. The first was way back in 1996 — back when Norm MacDonald was doing Bob Dole and Carrey was promoting The Cable Guy. Perhaps you remember overprotective lifeguard?

You can also spot Nancy Walls in a bizarre faux infomercial at the end:

Carrey’s obviously a brilliant comedian, and watching these old clips I’m struck by how high-energy and almost frantic the humor is — not just from Carrey, but from the SNL cast at the time, too. The SNL of today has a really different vibe, and I’m curious to see how Carrey plays with that.

How do you think he’ll do, PopWatchers?

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