Archana Ram
January 06, 2011 AT 11:46 PM EST

After six seasons schlepping her way through Hollywood’s D-List, Kathy Griffin is leaving her Bravo reality series. Does that mean no more signature celebrity/right-wing trash-talk? Say it ain’t so!

Thankfully not: The comedian will perform in four stand-up specials on the network that will air quarterly this year. That’s somewhat of a relief, but it still pains me to think that my TV will be void of the outspoken, gut-bustingly funny Griffin. So here, an ode to what I’ll miss most:

Wacky stunts

Public pap smears, ice fishing with Levi Johnston, dating Backstreet Boy Nick Carter solely for publicity — those are just a few of Griffin’s attempts to shock, ridicule, and gain a spot on the A-list. But the best of the bunch was most definitely her competing in a Toddlers & Tiaras-like pageant.

Bizarre but simultaneously amazing celebrity cameos

The list of famous faces who’ve graced the world of Griffin is shockingly long, from Liza Minnelli and Cloris Leachman to Mariska Hargitay and Gloria Estefan.

And who could forget this spoof of The Hills? Lauren Conrad was way too F-list for Griffin’s company, but at least she could play along with the MTV series’ vapid stares and lack of plotlines.

Her manager and assistants

Griffin was never shy to exploit and verbally abuse Tom, Tiffany, and erstwhile assistant Jessica — and you loved her all the more for it!

Bringing light to important issues — in a big way

Among the various issues Griffin has supported (hello, public pap smear!), Griffin has been more outspoken in the gay rights movement, and efforts came to a head during an emotional rally to repeal DADT during season 6.

The emotional moments

Yes it was a show that spoofed Hollywood and indulged in Griffin’s fantasy world, but it was also a true portrait of life, which was seen when her lovable father, John, passed away in 2007.

Kathy’s Mom

It’s hard to argue that after Griffin, her wine-chugging mother — the Don Rickles-loving Maggie — was the star on the series.

Are you guys sad to see the show go? What were some of your favorite moments? Sound off below!

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