James Hibberd
January 11, 2011 AT 10:35 PM EST

ABC and The CW may be seeking ways to knock off the phenomenal success of Glee, but Fox is content to have just one musical dramedy, thank you very much.

“I like the fact we’ve had a monopoly [on the genre], but I’m not going to clone ‘Glee,'” Reilly told critics at press tour.

Which isn’t to say the network would never-ever consider a Glee spin-off…

Sources at the network didn’t want Reilly’s comments about not “cloning” the hit taken quiiiiite that far, even though there’s no current plans to spinoff of the show and creator Ryan Murphy is busy working on several other unrelated projects.  “Never say never,” and all that. (The network did look into a half-hour musical Partridge Family type project with Kristin Chenoweth as star that some outlets misreported as a Glee spinoff, but sources say that idea is currently “dormant”).

Asked what impact any other musicals will have on the success of Glee, Reilly seemed unfazed.

“It will just make Glee look that much better, most likely,” he said.

A critic asked: Are other networks “stupid” to try and make their own musicals?

“It’s always tough to chase something that’s hot,” Reilly said, noting that even if you execute a show well, you’re doomed to remain in the shadow of the original.

A critic pressed: Are competitors “stupid” to try?

And Reilly just went for it: “Some of them are.”

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