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'Priest' trailer: Paul Bettany dons garments and armaments

Jeez, Hollywood, another ecclesiastical future-Western kung-fu dystopian vampire movie? Think of something original already! All right, maybe you can’t accuse Priest, this year’s quasi-religious Paul Bettany project, of being derivative. Based on a Korean manhwa comic, the film follows a Warrior Priest whose church does not believe in the continued existence of vampires, so he must battle the fanged menace himself with shotguns and a handful of crucifix-shurikens. I was raised Catholic and, I have to say, this isn’t exactly how I remember it. But I guess maybe I should have paid more attention in CCD. Check out the just-released full-version trailer below. 

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What do you think? After this, Paul Bettany will have played a priest fighting vampires, an archangel fighting other angels, and a monk fighting Tom Hanks. Personally, I can’t wait for Last Rites, in which Bettany plays a bishop combating zombie elderly people, or Kick-Apse, in which he’s a martial arts-trained clergyman at a Gothic cathedral.