The new Muppets movie can't come out soon enough |

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The new Muppets movie can't come out soon enough

MuppetsImage Credit: Andrew MacphersonEverything I hear or see about the upcoming Muppets movie just makes me more excited. Take, for example, this new photo of writer-star Jason Segel grinning with his puppety pals. (And yes, it does appear to be the same scene we first showed you a few months ago.) My heart just exploded.

In these trying times of chaos and violence and filthy January slush all up in my shoes, Kermit and the gang shine like a flickering beacon of hope in the far distance.

Just for good measure, “Somebody’s Getting Married”:

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Between this, the staggeringly adorable outfits, and the moved-up release date to Nov. 23, I can hardly stand the wait, PopWatchers. What about you?

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