Margaret Lyons
January 21, 2011 AT 07:20 PM EST

Image Credit: Danny Feld/NBCMedium never got the love and attention it deserved, and after seven psychic seasons on two different networks, the series comes to a close tonight. The gory crime-solving and supernatural elements of the show were fun, but the best part of the show was always its realistic portrayal of a stable, happy family, squabbles and all.

Joe and Allison DuBois are a close second to Eric and Tami Taylor for my favorite married couple on TV — playful, loving, expressive, and they’re terrific parents, too. Before Modern Family was getting all the (totally deserved!) credit for its realistic, not-at-all annoying kid actors, Medium‘s trio of blond munchkins were tearing it up. (Especially Maria Lark.) The DuBois women might be able to communicate with the dead, but they also argue over spelling tests, or who might need glasses, or who finished the cereal or passed her driving test.

Seven seasons is a good run, and Medium made the most of it, so let’s it bury and praise it all at once: What was your favorite Medium moment, PopWatchers?

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