James Hibberd
January 24, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EST

If there’s one celebrity you just cannot stand,* The CW might give you the chance to confront them — and the star a chance to win you over.

That’s the idea behind a new reality show in development at the network called H8R.

The CW has no comment on this early-stage project, but sources say H8R is casting for everyday people who really-really-really dislike a particular celebrity, and trying to pair them with the famous person of their dreams nightmares (now if only The CW could figure out how to get rid of comment board trolls too … just imagine, no trolls, no haters, why, the Internet would be all puppies and rainbows). Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey (Extra) is producing the project.

So let’s tee this up: If you were on this show, which celebrity do you totally despise … but would be willing to meet? 

*I’m looking at you, Josh Harnett

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