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Time for a 'Scent Vacation': Isaiah Mustafa returns in new Old Spice commercial!

Look at your computer. Now look at yourself in the mirror in anticipation. Now back at your computer. Now back at – actually, just keep your eyes on your computer, because it’s about to play a new Old Spice commercial, “Scent Vacation,” featuring our suave and fit friend Isaiah Mustafa (who turns 37 next week). Watch him transform a mountain goat into a harp. See him dip his marshmallow skewer into a slyly activated chocolate fountain. Enjoy three different sartorial choices that allow him to remain shirtless. What say you, PopWatchers? Are you still buying what he’s selling? And are you neck-deep in the sweet waters of friendship and trust?

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Originally posted February 5 2011 — 4:36 PM EST

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