Clark Collis
February 05, 2011 AT 05:11 PM EST

Image Credit: Suzanne HanoverThrow a rock at a movie screen in the next couple of months and there’s a fair chance you’ll hit a film starring someone from The Office. (You’ll also be thrown out of the cinema or, at the very least, be assailed with cries of “Who the hell brings a rock to the movies?” But I digress!) No Strings Attached, with Mindy Kaling, is still in cinemas, and this Friday sees the release of the Ed Helms-starring Cedar Rapids. Two weeks after that arrives Hall Pass, which features one Jenna Fischer. Meanwhile, the mighty Rainn Wilson will soon be seen in both Peep World and Super, the new movie from director James Gunn.

All of which got us thinking about the best (and worst) movies to feature an Office cast member. As a diehard horror fan, I’d probably nominate Gunn’s previous movie, the underappreciated monsterfest Slither (Fischer) as among the best, as well as the B.J. Novak-starring Inglourious Basterds. I’d also more than happily rewatch The Hangover (Helms), 40-Year-Old Virgin (Steve Carell), Pineapple Express (Craig Robinson), and Almost Famous (Wilson). On the other hand, as a diehard fan of comedies that actually make me laugh, I’d nominate Dinner for Schmucks (Carell) and My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Wilson) as among the worst.

What do you think of the aforementioned? And what about It’s Complicated (John Krasinski), Juno (Wilson), Away We Go (Krasinski), The Proposal (Oscar Nunez), Four Christmases (Brian Baumgartner), Get Smart (Carell), Leatherheads (Krasinki), Hot Tub Time Machine (Robinson)… Hey, these folks have been busy!

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