Margaret Lyons
February 07, 2011 AT 03:40 PM EST

The Darth Vader kid, a galloping pug, and Joan Rivers in hotpants: Which ad was number one this year? Well, it depends on whom you ask: According to a USA Today panel, the most popular ad was a tie between Bud Light’s dog-sitting spot and Doritos’ dog-breaking-the-door ad. But a panel of Northwestern business school students had a slightly different take, picking Volkswagen’s Star Wars commercial as the best. The full rankings:

From USA Today, the top five:

1. Bud Light, Dog sitter

1 (tie). Doritos, Dog’s revenge for Doritos teasing

3. Volkswagen, Darth Vader starts the car

4. Doritos, House sitter brings back grandpa from ashes

5. Pepsi Max, Love hurts with a bad girlfriend

and bottom five:

Mini Cooper, “Cram It in the Boot” game show

Stella Artois, Adrien Brody/crying women, Danica Patrick, Jillian Michaels

Hyundai, Elantra shows compacts aren’t boring

Hyundai, Elantra breaks trance

And from Kellogg, the top six:





Mini Cooper


and bottom five:





Lipton Brisk

I’m astonished that the Groupon ad with Timothy Hutton didn’t rankle more viewers, because I found it pretty tasteless.

What did you think, PopWatchers?

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