Annie Barrett
February 09, 2011 AT 09:21 PM EST

Image Credit: Ian Derry/FoxDo you want $5 million? You know about reality TV and America, right? Wanting something badly enough could be all you need. It’s time to get what you deserve: molto fortuna. The X Factor‘s holding auditions in five cities, so decide whether you’re a “young guy,” a “young girl,” an “older singer,” or part of a “vocal group” and register online by March 1. Don’t let those labels get you down. We all belong somewhere, and face it: You might be old. It’s 2011. Go here for more details, and maybe practice singing stuff. Maybe. Mostly you should work on your speech.

After the jump, watch an X Factor featurette of Simon Cowell explaining it all. He says “Los Angelees” at 1:48. I love Steven Tyler, but I have missed that.

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